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Carbon steel casting , investment casting, Agriculture machinery parts


Product detail

Type: Bearing
Brand Name: Agriculture machinery parts
Abrasion resistance: compressive strength


Carbon steel casting & investment casting. ISO 9001, TUV-PED, BV certified foundry. Strong machining capacity.

1, Lose Wax Process (soluble glass): wax injection, wax welding, dipping, sand-coating, shell-making, dewaxing, cleaning, pouring, cutting, reshaping, machining.

2, Materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, cast steel, pig iron, grey iron, ductile cast iron and so on.

3, Has established efficient quality system and obtained international approvals ISO 9001, TUV-PED, BV.

4, Produced by experienced technical staff

5, Production capacity: more than 8,000 MT per year.

6, Small orders accepted.

7, Advanced machining equipment

8, Material standards: GB, DIN, EN, NF, ISO, JIS, SS, BS, AISI, SAE, ASTM, UNS, ACI

9, Strong machining capabilities with a hole line of machining equipment, including 4 CNC machining centers.




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