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Cast Iron Blocks


Cast iron blocks are one type of iron castings with block shapes such as cubic, rectangle, spherical shapes. Most of cast iron blocks are used as the balance weights or called counter weights.

Most of cast iron blocks do not have requirements to materials, e.g. cast iron grades, because of their application. However, for the cast iron blocks used for machineries such as tractors, forklifts, trucks and elevators, some buyers will require the material to be grey cast iron ASTM NO.30, FC200, GG20 to insure the certain strength for the casting parts. During my works in Dandong Foundry in China, I seldom to hear about the cast iron blocks made by ductile iron.

As for the dimensions of cast iron blocks, usually the flatness and parallelism are important for the fitness with other parts, but normally the flat rough surface after grinding should be acceptable, and machining is not necessary except of special requirements.

The most important issue for cast iron blocks is the price. The price must be very low because their low requirements and good unit weight, most of iron foundries in China could produce these types of castings. So, as for the small cast iron blocks, you should try to produce them by green sand floor molding process, but for the large blocks, the resin sand casting process will be necessary. Although the resin sand casting prices have been increased largely because of the increased resin prices, this process can guarantee the good surface quality, flatness and parallelism for the large cast iron blocks.

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