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 Cast Iron Manhole Cover in China

Basic Info.
Model NO.: Manhole Cover
Casting Metal: Cast Iron
Casting Form Material: Metal
Casting Method: Sand Casting
Casting Form Usage Count: Permanent
Weight: 53kg
Export Markets: Global

Additional Info.
Packing: Pallets
Standard: as per customer's requirements

Product Description
1. The manhole cover is the seal of the top entrance into underground. It is necessary to install the manhole covers if there are places that supply water, drainage, telecommunication, electricity, natural gas, fire control, environmental protection and all of infrastructure. There is a large demand because the manhole covers are installed along the infrastructure, around one cover is laid in the distance of 50m-100m.
2. Especially in recent years, our country put more investment into the infrastructure and city development, so that a large quantity of covers are needed to protect the cable and wire underground. In addition, brick-laying and lawn manhole covers are applied into the structure of communities.
3. We also provide composite Gully Gratings which are the covers installed on the side roads, drainage ditches around residential districts and so on. There are almost more than five times of manhole covers in demand.

We produce SMC material Composite manhole cover, rain grate, gully tops and tree-grilles which are made from composite material such as glass fiber, resin, quartz, corundum & so on. Our products are not made of iron, it will be not stolen and also good in load ability. Our FRP rain-grating have the following special advantages:
1. Strictly manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2000 and EN124
2. High load capacity
3. Contain no metal, no scrap value
4. Long service life (Min. 30 years)
5. Well sealed, no noise pollution or rebound
6. Good wear and corrosion resistance, never rust
7. Special Relief Sculpture on Surface with good decorative effect
8. Perfect design and rich colors individually against various needs and requirements.


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