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Cast Iron Overhaul Balls for Cranes


The overhaul ball, also named split ball, is made up of two cast iron halves, which clamp to the line by means of bolts.

The overhaul ball units consist of cast iron ball, steel pin, and the necessary nuts and cotters.

Overhaul balls are used to add weight to a crane rope so that the crane lines are kept taught. This prevents spooling and twisting issues that would ultimately create permanent damage the crane. These overhaul balls vary in size and design depending on the crane truck or shop environment in which it's being used.

The cast iron overhaul ball can be plated in zinc or painted to resist corrosion.

Our Dandong foundry can customize cast iron overhaul balls of different sizes and weights according to customers' requirements.

This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Cast Iron Overhaul Balls for Cranes




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