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Ductile Cast Iron Chainwheel Casting Supplier in China


The ductile cast iron chainwheels allow operation of valves, actuators, or gear boxes in high, hard-to-reach locations by means of a slight pull on the chain.

Universal design allows chainwheel to be clamped to handwheel, or pinned directly to valve stem.

Available in the following materials:

  • Cast Iron is the most economical material. It is recommended in mildly corrosive environments.
  • Ductile Iron is more shock resistant than cast iron and is required for conversions to a hammer-blow style wheel.
  • Aluminum is a light weight alternative, but its cost is higher than cast iron and ductile iron.
  • Bronze will resist corrosion under severe operating conditions where high humidity, salt, and water are the main corrosive agents. It is used where equipment is exposed to extreme corrosive elements.

Corrosion Resistant is recommended when the chainwheel will be exposed to a corrosive environment. Available coatings for the chainwheel are epoxy and galvanized.

Ductile cast iron chainwheels

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