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Ductile Cast Iron Double Socket Taper


The ductile cast iron double socket taper is mainly used for transferring the drinkable water, waste water and for irrigation.

Specifications of Ductile Iron Double Socket Taper:
1. Material: Ductile Iron GGG50 or others
2. Size: DN40-DN2000
3. Pressure: PN10, PN16, PN25
4. Surface: Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating, Zinc Primer & Cement Lining and Bitumen Painting
5. Accessories: Bolt, Nut and Gasket.
6. Mechanical Properties: Tensile Strength: ≥420 MPA; Elongation: ≥5%; Hardness: ≤250HB; Yield strength: ≥300 MPA

Applications of Ductile Iron Double Socket Taper:
Much of the ductile iron pipe fitting are used for water and sewer lines. It is stronger and easier to tap, requires less support and provides greater flow area compared with fittings from other materials.

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