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Estimation of Investment Casting Product Cost in a Chinese Foundry


What is the investment casting product cost?

It is the cost you need to pay to design and make an investment casting product. And the investment castings must be qualified and well for assembling. Follow our procedure for investment castings, you will know how to buy products from our foundry.

Investment casting cost estimation

*Tooling cost-To start manufacturing investment castings, we must first make pattern/mold. All the molds for investment castings are made by precison cnc center with high size accuracy. Wax will be injected into the cavity of mold to become a wax pattern. Then you will see the shape of products.

*Casting weight-Casting cost will be directly affected by the weight of product. Larger weight will cost more.

*Casting design-If just samples are offered, we will still need to design drawing according to the sample, which will also cost us much money.

*Casting material-Selection of investment casting material also influence the investment casting cost. If the product is corrosive, such as valve castings, then stainless steel will be required. Comparing with other cast steel material, it is much expensive.

*Machining service-If the size accuracy is tight and we could not achieve the size tolerance by investment casting process, then machining service is required. Machining cost will be calculated.

*Surface treatment requirement--Normally, we just need to do anti-rust painting on the surface. If our customer needs painting, powder coating ect, then it will also add the cost of investment casting.

*Production volume--Quantity will also have some effect on the cost of investment casting. If the volume is very large, like 2 containers each month, then we will consider offer you lower cost without doubt to win the order.

*Country of manufacture-Labor cost is different in different countries, even in the same country, it may be varied for different regions. Countries with lower labor cost will reduce the cost of investment casting also. Investment casting cost made in China is about 60% of the price in western countries. So that is why many companies come to China to purchase investment castings.

Some of the buyers who buy investment castings from China may only be interested on the price offered by the investment casting supplier, but I have to say it is not wise to judge the supplier just on low price. When offering investment casting cost, all above factors will be considered. According to above information, you could have a clear information to judge whose price is reasonable.




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