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Further Development of The Casting Mould, Hot Runner Technology


Ten years ago, precision casting mold generally for 5 microns, is now up to 2-3 microns, 1 μm precision casting mold forthcoming soon. With the improvement of component miniaturization and precision requirement, some casting mould machining precision requirement within 1 μm, which requires the development of super finishing.

An increasingly large casting mold.

On the one hand is due to the increasingly large parts with casting mold forming, on the other hand is due to the high productivity requirements of a touch more cavity (some hundreds of cavity has amounted to a touch now).

Expand the application of hot runner technology

Due to the hot runner technology of casting mould can improve production efficiency and quality of parts, and can greatly save parts of raw materials. Therefore, by the rapid development of hot runner technology applications in foreign countries, many of the plastic casting mold factory production, more than 50% of the casting mould with hot runner technology, even more than 80%, the effect is very obvious. Hot runner at home have also been used in the production, some enterprise utilization rate reached 20% ~ 30%.

Modern casting mould with the traditional casting mould is different, it is not only the shape and structure is complex, and the technical requirements higher, with the traditional casting mould manufacturing methods obviously difficult to manufacture, must use modern science and technology development, USES the advanced manufacturing technology, to achieve technical requirements. The current development characteristics of the whole industrial production is the product varieties, updated quickly, the market competition is intense. In order to adapt to the market of casting mould making short delivery time, high precision, low cost, the urgent request of casting molds will have the following development trends.




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