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Ductile casting gating system structure is simple.

Generally is 1520 ° ~ 1600 ℃, because of the high pouring temperature, liquid steel superheat is big, long are connected with the liquid, the liquid can be improved. But the water temperature is too high, will cause coarse grains, hot cracking, porosity and defects such as adhering sand. Therefore, generally small, thin wall and complex shape ductile castings, the pouring temperature is about steel melting point temperature of + 150 ℃; Large, thick squash ink casting pouring temperature about 100 ℃ higher than the melting point.

Ductile casting performance is worse than cast iron.
Because the melting point of stainless steel precision ductile casting is higher, the mechanical properties of ductile casting is higher than cast iron. Easy oxidation of liquid steel, steel illiquid, shrinkage, shrinkage rate is 1014%, the body line contraction for 1.82.5 %.

To prevent the steel misrun and cold shut, shrinkage cavity and shrinkage, cracks and defects such as adhering sand, necessary than cast iron complex process steps:

1, because the stainless steel precision ductile casting shrinkage greatly over cast iron, ductile castings to prevent flush shrinkage cavity, shrinkage defects, mostly USES the riser and the casting process, cold iron and subsidies and other measures, in order to realize sequential solidification.
2, due to poor liquidity of liquid steel, to prevent the steel casting cold-lap and misrun, steel wall thickness not less than 8 mm including floor boring machine table, floor boring and milling machine table is one of the most use of the machine table.

Landed milling machine workbench, etc can be customized according to the drawing directly.

1. The floor boring and milling machine table usually have molding drawings. The same specifications of the flat ground boring and milling machine with the same general practices. Practice ground boring and milling machine table provides some spot, also can be customized according to customer requirements in accordance with the drawings, or design. Eliminating white cast iron plate department organization, improving the ground boring and milling machine table.

2. The floor boring machine table of material: for the hardness of high strength cast iron HT200-300 working face of HB220-350, after two manual processing (annealing 600 degrees - 700 degrees and natural aging 2-3 years) on the ground boring and milling machine table, ground milling machine table for the purpose of heat treatment to reduce the stress gradually. Ground profile milling machine table work of hardness and wear resistance, make the cast iron platform, cast iron plate precision stability, wear-resisting performance is good.

3. The ground boring and milling machine table specifications for: 1120 * 38004000 * 9000 heterosexual specifications can be customized according to the drawing.

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