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Grey Cast Iron GG25 Shaft Couplings


These shaft couplings are made of GG25 high grade cast iron to ensure strength for safe running under rated conditions.

The cast iron shaft couplings has the advantages of good wear resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and air tightness.
Material: cast iron GG25.
Surface finish: phosphate coated.

These cast iron shaft couplings require no lubrication and provide highly reliable service for light, medium, and heavy duty electrical motor and internal combustion power transmission applications. Applications include power transmission to industrial equipment such as pumps, gear boxes, compressors, blowers, mixers, conveyors.

Functions of Shaft Couplings:

  • Connect or extend the driving or driven shafts
  • Manage misalignment between shafts
  • Transmit rotary power from one shaft to another
  • Protect expensive equipment
  • No efficiency loss
  • Cushion shock loads
  • Electrically insulate drive
  • Limit end float
  • Provide a place for clutching components
  • Provide torsional tuning by varying stiffness

Grey cast iron shaft couplings

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