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AS 1831 GRADE 800-2 Ductile Cast Iron


AS 1831 GRADE 800-2 is the material grade designed in the AS 1831 standard of Australia. It has the highest strength and lowest ductility compared to the other variants of ductile cast iron.

The Chemical Properties of AS 1831 GRADE 800-2 Ductile Cast Iron:
Normally, the clients will not require the chemical composition, and in international standards, such as ISO 1083, ASTM A536, DIN 1693, UNI 4544 and AS 1831, there are no mandatory stipulation to the chemical composition. Actually, from different standards, their suggested chemical compositions are very different, but all of them denoted that the chemical composition should just be reference, and will not be taken as quality inspection standard.

Of course, if you need to stipulate the chemical composition to meet the special application, then you should denote the allowable chemical element range on the drawings or in your requirements.

The mechanical properties and microstructure of AS 1831 GRADE 800-2 Ductile Cast Iron:

Tensile Strength Mpa min.



0.2% Proof Stress Mpa min.



Elongation % min.



Brinell Hardness (HB)





Pearlite or tempered structure

Equivalent Grades for AS 1831 GRADE 800-2 Ductile Cast Iron:
It is equivalent to the following grades:
EN-GJS-800-2 in European standard EN 1563
120-90-02 in USA standard ASTM A536
Grade 800-2 in ISO standard ISO 1083
QT800-2 in China standard GB 1348
GGG80 in Germany standard DIN 1693
FCD800 in Japan standard JIS G5502
GS800-2 in Italy standard UNI 4544
800/2 in UK standard BS 2789

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