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DIN 1691 GG15 Gray Cast Iron


Gray cast iron DIN 1691 GG15 has many equivalent grade in other countries.

The alternative names and equivalent grades:
Gray Cast Iron GG15 (DIN 1691), EN-GJL-150 (EN 1561), GRADE 150 (ISO 185), HT150 (GB 9439), CLASS 20 (ASTM A48), CLASS 25 (ASTM A48), FC150 (JIS G5501), G15 (UNI 5007), FGL150 (NF A32-101), 150 (BS 1452), FG15 (UNF), FGG15 (NBN 830-01), T150 (AS 1830), T180 (AS 1830), O115 (SS 14 01), SJG150 (NS11 100)

Important Note:
As the material property values below are generalized figures only for quick reference and may only be applicable to certain test conditions. Thus, it is normal if you find the figures different from other reference sources that are based on a different set of test conditions

Material Properties for Gray Cast Iron DIN 1691 GG15:

Material Property


Glass Transition Temperature


Melting Temperature

1150 - 1200 ℃

Service Temperature



7 - 7.1 g/cm³

Young's Modulus, E

75 - 103 GPa

Compressive Strength, σc


Yield Strength, σy

215 - 790 MPa

Tensile Strength, σts

150 - 250 MPa

Poisson's Ratio

0.21 - 0.26

Shear Modulus, G

30 - 40.5 GPa

Vickers Hardness


Fracture Toughness, KIC (plane-strain)

22 - 54 MPa/√m

Thermal Conductivity, λ

50 W/m.K

Thermal Expansion, α

10 - 13 E-6/C

Production Energy

16.4 - 18.2 MJ/kg

CO2 Emission

1 - 1.1 kg/kg

Fire Resistance


Fresh Water Resistance


Salt Water Resistance


Sunlight/UV Resistance


Wear Resistance


Common Application for DIN 1691 GG15 Gray Cast Iron:
Under moderate load of castings, such as the base, frame, box, knife, bed, bearing seat, table, wheels, cover, pump, valve, pipe, flywheel, motor blocks and other.

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