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All Constituent Elements of Grey Cast Iron Composition


Grey Cast Iron is one of the most widely used types of cast iron. Cast Iron is mainly manufactured by melting pig iron and then pouring it into the cast or mould of desired shapes and sizes. The widespread use of the Grey Cast Iron can mainly be attributed to its cost efficiency and easy machinability. The Grey Cast Iron is classified as grey due to the appearance of the grey cracks on the surface of the finished cast iron, which is caused by the presence of graphite content.

The Composition of Grey Cast Iron in terms of all its constituent elements can be explained as follows:

Carbon (up to 4%): The carbon content of the grey cast iron later on gets converted to graphite after going through a series of chemical reactions. This graphite content is responsible for providing strength and easy machinability feature to the Grey Cast Iron.

Silicon (up to 3%): Silicon is mainly added for the de-oxidation process so that the carbon content added does not get oxidized to the iron carbides. Silicon acts as the stabilizing element for the graphite in the Grey Cast Iron.

Manganese (0.8%): Manganese acts as a stabilizing element that ensures that the Grey Cast Iron delivers high performance even at high temperatures. This property increases the toughening of the overall structure.

Sulfur (0.07%): It acts as a stabilizing element for manganese and improves the toughness of the Grey Cast Iron at high temperatures.

Phosphorus (0.2%): Phosphorous has to be added in small amounts to improve the fluidity, corrosion resistance and the toughness of the Grey Cast Iron. Phosphorous, when added in large amount, reduces the overall strength of the Grey Cast Iron.

Molybdenum (up to 0.75%): Molybdenum improves the strength and elasticity of the Grey Cast Iron when added in small amounts.

Chromium (0.35%): Chromium improves the temperature range and hardness of Grey Cast Iron.

Vanadium (0.15 %): Vanadium improves the wear and tear resistance.

The composition of the Grey Cast Iron is very crucial for the final set of properties that the finished Grey Cast Iron acquires. Silicon and Carbon are very critical elements in terms of the amount in which they are added for the production of Grey Cast Iron. This is because the properties of Grey Cast Iron depend to a great extent on the various reactions that these two elements undergo during the production process.




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