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Aluminum Die Casting, Aluminum Sand Casting and Aluminum Gravity Casting


Aluminum castings are castings made with material aluminum alloy. According to the structure and mechanical properties, we could divide aluminum castings into below three parts:

1. Aluminum die casting


Aluminum die casting is a die casting process that pressing liquid into the pressure chamber, filling steel mould cavity at a high speed, and making the liquid alloy solidification under pressure, the forming castings. The characteristic of aluminum die casting is high production efficiency, high tooling cost and low production cost. We usually adopt this process when the quantity is very high.

The characteristics of aluminum die casting are:

1) No easy to form defects
2) High production efficiency. Large quantity is allowed.
3) High mold cost.
4) Suitable for thin wall parts.
5) No hollow inside allowed.
6) No heat treatment allowed for aluminum high pressure parts.

2. Aluminum sand casting


Aluminum sand casting is an aluminum casting using sand casting process. The surface roughness of aluminum sand casting is worse than aluminum die casting and gravity casting.

The characteristics of aluminum sand casting are:

1) Production cost and mold cost is low
2) More suitable for large parts
3) The mechanical properties of aluminum sand casting are low. So it is not suitable for making aluminum castings with high mechanical property requirement.
4) Bad surface finish
5) Low shrinkage rate, so we could use this process when the wall thickness is not evenly.

3. Aluminum gravity casting


Aluminum gravity casting is refers to aluminum alloy liquid injected into steel mold under the function of earth's gravity. Main process is: smelting, pouring, exhausting, cooling, heat treatment, post machining.

The characteristics of aluminum gravity casting are:

1. Less casting porosity, heat treatment can be performed. The strength of the product can be improved greatly after heat treatment, even better than aluminum die casting products.
2. The product density is low. Depend on the weight of the liquid forming, the density of the product is die casting, the lower its strength also is a bit poor, but the elongation is higher.
3. The product surface finish is not high. It is easy form pit on the surface of casting products after cooling contraction.
4. Slow filling and low production efficiency. It’s only a quarter of the high pressure casting production efficiency, causing the product cost is high.
5. Mould life is longer than that of aluminum die casting, and mould cost is low.
6. Process is relatively simple.
7. Not suitable for production of thin wall parts.

So each aluminum casting process has its own characteristics, we could choose one certain casting process accordingly. Our foundry can make all the aluminum castings you need, if you are interested, pls do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to send you our best prices for reference first.





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