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Analysis on Nodular Casting, Ductile Iron Foundry in China


For China's industry rapid development fly, nodular casting credit is indispensable, nodular casting is our country industry very heavy development project, natural ductile casting development will promote the development of our country to the work, nodular casting application range is very wide range of ductile casting main application neighborhood, electronic electrician, light industry, bearing industry, auto industry, and other parts processing, because these behavior for ductile casting requirement is very high. And if ductile casting quality is bad words can directly influence the mechanical life, after machining of nodular casting, paint before must use metal cleaner or clean industrial gasoline for leaching or scrub, ensure thoroughly clean the surface of the oil pollution and other dirt, nodular casting usually use waterproof technology to line burnish, in order to prevent nodular casting surface rust, so must the antirust water burnish. It can improve the ductile casting film of flatness, improve the luster of the film. The advantages of ductile casting is ductile casting dimension accuracy is high, uniform, was not done up box, nodular casting won't produce flash, burr wait for a phenomenon, the production process will not cause pollution, environmental protection.

Nodular casting surface smoothness is close to precision casting, ductile casting internal structure is quite stable. Affect nodular casting performance is annealing treatment. Due to the ductile casting design shape, wall thickness, and cooling speed is different, so to ductile casting especially large ductile casting internal produce casting stress, the casting stress not handled in time, it will make ductile casting in the subsequent machining or in use process produce deformation or crack, in order to eliminate the ductile casting casting’s stress, then the annealing process for casting processing. Nodular casting ductile casting smelting also affect nodular casting quality of the main factors, the certificate cupola melting process is melting zone melting iron drop in coke surface rolling falling, it caused a hot metal microscopic increase carbon nonuniformity, so the crystal cold is lesser, crystal grain refinement, is not easy to produce white Chuan electric furnace melting and electric furnace melting molten iron is in isolation carbon cases, at the same time cause the distribution of carbon atoms homogenization, make its crystallization degree of supercooling increases, make ductile casting surface white tend to increase. The heart say ductile casting melting or the cupola melting is better.

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