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Austempered Ductile Iron Properties



The Austenitic Matrix of Acicular Ferrite known as Ausferrite which makes up the microstructure of ADI.


Austempered Ductile Iron [ADI] provides a range of high strength irons with higher ductility and toughness. Through the work hardening characteristics of the matrix these irons have an exceptional blend of wear properties and toughness. These irons have the advantage that the base iron is readily machinable before heat treatment allowing hard wearing close tolerance and mating parts to be produced.


Tensile:Twice the tensile strength of Ductile Iron, work Hardens.
Wear:Wear resistance superior to Steel at any hardness level, and ideal for high abrasion applications.
Weight:10% lighter than Steel.
Cost:Energy savings over Steel, easier to machine than Steel reduced machining allowances.
Near net shaped castings means even less machining.

Applications & Examples

The properties of ADI coupled with the cost and flexibility benefits of ductile iron castings means the potential for ADI applications is vast.

Agriculture - excelent resistance to soil wear.
Digger/Grab Teeth - high strength and wear resistance.
Industrial - wear components, pumps, etc.
Gears - Gears for wear resistance and better vibration damping than Steel.
Construction - crushing, grading and wear components etc.
Food & Feed milling : grinding, mixing, palletizing etc.




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