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Australia AS 1830 T100 Gray Cast Iron


T100 is the lowest material grade of grey cast iron in the Australian Standard AS1830. It is equivalent to ISO 185/JL/100 and HT100 in China.

This material grade is also equal to GG10 in Germany, EN-GJL-100 in European, FC100 in Japan, G10 in Italy, 100 in UK, FGG10 in Belgium, O110 in Sweden, SJG100 in Norway, etc.

The Chemical Composition for AS 1830 T100 Gray Cast Iron:
In the Australian standard AS 1830, there is no requirements for the chemical composition, so the iron foundry could adjust the chemical composition according to their experience, but the mechanical properties are the necessary requirement.

The normal chemical composition for this grade is as the following:






3.5 - 3.7

2.2 - 2.6

0.5 - 0.8

max 0.15

max 0.3

The Mechanical Properties for AS 1830 T100 Gray Cast Iron:
Relevant wall Thickness t: 5~40 mm
Tensile strength Rm: 100~200 MPa
Yield Strength: No Requirement
Hardness Range ≤170 Bhn

Only the tensile strength is the quality inspection standard. Other mechanical properties are only for reference unless the buyers have particular requirements.

Applications for AS 1830 T100 Gray Cast Iron:
Dandong Foundry has produced AS 1830 T100 gray cast iron for many years. Most of casting products made by it are stove plates, stove grates, stove burner heads, cook pans and counter weights.

Some iron castings made by AS 1830 T100 gray cast iron in Dandong Foundry:

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