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Brass Casting Foundry for Stove Burner


Brass stove burner has good thermal efficiency, burner casting is much more complex than brass stamping.

In China, there are not many foundries, who have the capability to produce brass castings. Even if some foundries may the capability, but they do not have enough orders to keep continues production. Brass casting has more difficulties than cast iron and cast steel casting.

Currently, the brass casting production will use the clay molding, pre-coated sand molding (shell molding), and silica sol lost wax investment casting process. Lost wax investment casting process has the highest quality, but besides of high price, it can not produce too complex shapes. Shell molding is better than clay molding process, but their surface quality is not stable.

Many brass casting foundries have stopped the production, because many brass parts have been made by stamping process, because it has much better surface quality and very low defective rate. However, if your parts are too complex to be made by stamping process, then Borui casting is still the last choice.

The following is the brass stove burner, only for your reference. It is not made by our foundry. All surfaces below are machined surfaces, the casting surface can not be so good. We can not show our brass products because of the confidential issues.

This article is from our Dandong Foundry's BRASS CASTING FOUNDRY FOR STOVE BURNER.






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