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Butterfly Valve Body, Ductile Iron Casting


Our foundry produced some small and large butterfly valve bodies for our clients, most of them were made by ductile iron. Both rough castings and machining have high requirements.

As for materials, except of cast steel, most of butterfly valve bodies were made by ductile iron, or called as nodular cast iron. The common cast iron grades are ASTM A536 60-40-18, 65-45-12, 70-50-05, or by equivalent grades GGG40, GGG50, GS400-12, GS500-7, SG38, SG42, SG50. Ductile iron has good abrasive and corrosion resistance properties, so it is a good choice for valve bodies.

Our foundry produced them by green sand casting process and shell molding process. Although green sand is cheaper, but it may cause more sand casting defects, but shell mold castings are more costly, so we should choose them according to the specific requirements.

As for butterfly valve bodies, the machining has high requirements to accuracy, so most of key positions need to use CNC centers and numerically controlled lathes. Especially for the split type design.

The followings are some butterfly valve bodies made by our Dandong Foundry.

This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Butterfly valve body, ductile iron casting.


Butterfly Valve Body

Ductile Iron Valve Body





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