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Carbon Steel Shift Forks for Truck


Product Name:
Carbon Steel Shift Forks for Tractor, Alloy Steel Casting, Precision Lost Wax Investment Casting, Tractor Shifting Forks

Application on:
Shifting fork is a part of vehicle transmission. It is connecting with Gear Change Hand Lever, located in the bottom of hand shank. When the change pulley in middle is toggle, it makes the input/output speed ratio changed.

If the fork used on the machine, it is used for variable speed, mainly used in the operating mechanism. Changing the position of lathe sliding gear can realize the variable speed.
Or it is applied to control the mechanism of clutch engagement and disconnect, in order to control the horizontal or vertical feed.

With Precision Lost Wax Investment Casting process, Tractor transmission shifting forks is made from carbon steel 1045 or alloy steel, this casting should be heat treatment after machining and assemble with gearbox for speed adjustment.

Material Grades:
Cast Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel

AS2074 BS3100 C1 C2 C3 C4-1 C4-2 C5 C6 C7A L1A L2B L2A L2B L2C L3 L4 L5
A128 A128M A B-1 B-2 B-3 B-4 C D E-1 E-2 F A297 KS D4101 AISI 410 416
ASTM A27 N1 N2 U-205 (60-30) 415-205 (60-30) 450-240 (63-35) 485-250 (70-35) 485-275 (70-40)
ASTM A148 550-270 550-345 620-415 725-585 795-655 895-795 930-860 1305-930 1105-1000 1140-1035

Production Process:
Sand Casting, Lost Wax Investment Casting, Water Glass, Silica Sol Precision Casting

Cast Steel Foundry in China, Steel Casting Manufacturer, Steel Foundry, China Foundry

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