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Cast Iron Anchor Block Supplier in China


Anchor block is also called wedge block or anchor head according to its different profile and varied application. The most of anchor blocks are made by casting iron castings.

Anchor block is a force transfer component of the post-tensioning tendon system in construction and mining industry.

Anchor Block Classification
In general, post-tension system has bonded and unbonded two types. While unbonded tendon system use monostrand anchor to make a single strand tendon system, the bonded tendon system use anchor block to build multi-strand anchoring system.

Anchor Block Material Specification
According to field application requirements, anchor block profile will be different. As such, the design of anchor material varies from cast iron to middle carbon steel. In addition, the anchor block size or strand quantity to hold up is different case by case. That is to say that it depends on what kind of construction to build. For example, bridge construction usually takes round profile anchor to build lateral cable tensioning system or hollow girder or choose flat one to construct bridge member or beam.

Almost all the casting materials made by our Dandong Foundry can be special coated based on the customer's requirement such as Powder Coating, Painting, Galvanizing and Blackening.

cast iron anchor blocks

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