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Cast Iron and Steel Casting Common Uses


Cast iron and cast steel castings have been widely used in the following fields, including railway casting, automobile casting, construction machinery casting, forklift truck casting, agricultural machinery casting, and machinery castings.

1. Railway Casting.

Castings are important parts of the railway train. As a holistic engineering structure, the track is laid on the roadbed and plays a guiding role in train operation, directly bearing the tremendous pressure of the rolling stock and its load. Under the power of train operation, its various components must have sufficient strength and stability to ensure that the train runs safely, smoothly and without interruption according to the specified maximum speed.

The main casting products for railway are: train and railway castings, railway investment casting and railway lost wax castings.

railway castings

2. Automobile Casting.

It can be manufactured as die-cast automotive parts, automotive engine fittings, engine cylinder heads, power fittings, motor end covers, die-cast housings, pump housings, construction fittings, railing fittings, wheels and other parts.

Our Automotive Casting is a cast iron or cast aluminum part, mainly including automotive suspension parts, exhaust manifolds for engines, gearboxes, brake discs, etc.

Automotive exhaust manifold casting

3. Construction Machinery Castings

Our Construction Machinery Castings mainly include cast iron, cast steel, bucket tooth, and earthmoving machinery for construction machinery and mining machinery.

Construction machinery casting

4. Forklift Truck Casting

Forklift Truck Casting is an integral part of the forklift. A forklift is a variety of wheeled handling vehicles that handle loading, unloading, stacking and short-distance transport of palletized goods in industrial applications.

Iron castings for forklift truck

5. Agricultural Machinery Castings

Agricultural Machinery Castings are one of the essential components in agricultural machinery. Agricultural machinery refers to various machinery used in crop planting and animal husbandry production, as well as in the initial processing and processing of agricultural and livestock products, including agricultural power machinery, farm construction machinery, soil tillage machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, plant protection machinery, etc.

Our Agricultural Machinery Castings can be widely used in agricultural machinery due to its excellent properties such as low density, high specific strength and corrosion resistance.

Agricultural machinery castings

6. Machinery Castings

Machinery Castings are mainly used as a blank for machine parts, and some precision castings can also be used directly as parts of machines. It is a metal molded article obtained by various casting methods.

CNC machinery parts lathe bed casting

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