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Cast Iron Automotive Bearing Cap Casting Part


These bearing caps are made from high quality grade ductile iron to ensure the good surface finish and long lasting usage.

Ductile iron bearing caps are suitable for various operations like milling, drilling and boring.

Surface Treatment: Zinc plating, Copper plating, Chrome plating, Electrophoresis paint, Painting

Quality Control: Casting defects are within the allowable surface standard range and each process is 100% inspected

Internal Quality Control

1. We have advanced spectrum analyzers to detect and control chemical components; tensile testing machines and impact testing machines to detect mechanical properties; magnetic particle testing (MT), radiographic testing (RT), ultrasonic testing (UT)) Inspection of internal quality.

2. We will dissect 1-3 pieces in each batch to check for internal looseness, shrinkage, etc.

Application field: Household cars, trucks, heavy vehicles, motorcycles, industrial robots, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation tracks, aviation and other mechanical parts.

Ductile iron automotive bearing caps

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