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Cast Iron Counterweight Block Supplier in China


Our Dandong Foundry offers a wide range of cast iron counterweight blocks and cast steel counterweight blocks, from the smallest to the largest scale (up to 1.0 tons).

Our customers prefer to use gray cast iron to produce the counterweight blocks.

The following counter weight is one of our products.

The bottom surface of the cast iron counterweight block should be flat without deformation and bulge.

The top of the positioning column must be grinded to be flat and clean, otherwise the further installation will be affected.

In order to prevent rust, our foundry workers will coat the cast iron counterweight blocks thickly and evenly by antirust paint.

Application of the cast iron counterweight blocks:

Drilling machine counterweight, excavator counterweight, shipyard counterweight, experimental factory counterweight, elevator counterweight, crane counterweight, pile driver counterweight, forklift counterweight, container test counterweight, lift counterweight, electric counterweight, construction machinery counterweight.

Cast Iron Counterweight Block

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