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Cast Iron Flange, Iron Casting Foundry


Product Name:
Cast Iron Flange, Ductile Iron Flange Producer, Flange Casting made in China Foundry, Sand Casting Flange Foundry, Grey Iron Foundry

Different ways of classification of pipe flanges are:

1) Pipe flanges based on Pipe Attachment:
One way to classify flanges is their method of attachment to the pipe.
Slip-on Flanges
Socket-Weld Flanges
Screwed/Threaded Flanges
Lap-joint Flanges
Welding neck Flanges
Blind Flanges
Reducing Flanges

2) Pipe flanges based on Pressure-Temperature (PT) rating:
Based on the PT rating the flanges are classified as:
150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#
The PT rating charts as specified in ASME B16.5 specify the working pressure which a flange can withstand at a particular temperature. The indicated pressure class of 150#, 300#, etc is the basic ratings and the flanges can withstand higher pressure at lower temperatures.
ASME B16.5 indicates the allowable pressure for different materials of construction at different temperature.

3) Pipe flanges based on Facing:
There are different flange facing used in the pipe system depending upon the fluid, PT rating, material of construction, connecting equipment etc.
Flat Face (FF) Flanges
Raised Face (RF) Flanges
Male-Female (M/F) Face Flanges
Tongue-Groove (T/G) Face Flanges
Ring Type Joint (RTJ) Flanges

4) Pipe flanges based on Face Finish:
Stock Finish:
These flanges are used with non-metal gaskets. The allowable roughness for these type of Flanges is 250-500 or 500-1000 micro inch AARH.
Smooth/Serrated Finish:
These flanges are used with metal or spiral wound gaskets. The allowable roughness for these type of Flanges is 125-250 micro inch AARH.
Extra Smooth Finish:
These flanges are used with metal RTJ and T/G flanges. The maximum allowable roughness for these type of Flanges is 63 micro inch AARH.

5) Pipe flanges based on Serrations:
Concentric Serrations:
These serrations are used where the conveying fluid is highly flammable or toxic or lower molecular weight gas.
Spiral Serrations:
These are generally used type serrations.

Material Grades:
Cast Iron, Gray Cast Iron, Ductile Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, Grey Iron

Gray Cast Iron
ISO185 100 150 200 250 300
ASTM A48 NO.20 NO.25 NO.30 NO.35 NO.40 NO.45
DIN1691 GG10 GG15 GG20 GG25 GG30
EN1561 EN-GJL-100 EN-GJL-150 EN-GJL-200 EN-GJL-250 EN-GJL-300
BS1452 100 150 200 250 300
AS1830 T150 T220 T260 T300

Ductile Cast Iron
ISO1083 400-15 400-18 450-10 500-7 600-3 700-2
ASTM A536 60-40-18 60-42-10 65-45-12 70-50-05 80-55-06 80-60-03 100-70-03
DIN1693 GGG40 GGG50 GGG60 GGG70
EN1563 EN-GJS-400-15 EN-GJS-400-18 EN-GJS-450-10 EN-GJS-500-7 EN-GJS-600-3 EN-GJS-700-2
BS2789 400/17 420/12 500/7 600/7 700/2
AS1831 300-17 400-12 500-7 600-3 700-2

Production Process:
Sand Casting, Automatic Molding, Machine Molding, Shell Molding, Green Sand Casting, Resin Sand Casting,

Cast Iron Foundry in China, Iron Casting Manufacturer, Iron Foundry, China Foundry

Our main products include Gray Iron, Ductile Iron and Cast Steel casting parts for tractors, trucks, agricultural, construction, mining machinery, stove and boilers, pump, valve, tugboat, electrical facilities, cranes, machines, cars, pipe fittings, docks, cooking ware, excavators etc.

Dandong Foundry is also producing various seeding knife points, fertilizer boots, plough tine, press wheel, cast seeding carriers, heavy duty knife points, wing seeder knife points, seeding system attachment, seeding tubes for our our clients in AU.




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