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Cast Iron Flap Valves


Flap Valves can be made of cast iron, stainless steel or aluminum depending on the type of service.

The cast iron flap valve is a one-way valve, and mainly installed at the end of the drainage pipe to prevent the ingress of outside water. It has the functions of automatic opening and closing.

When the tide level of the river is higher than the outlet pipe and the pressure is greater than the pressure in the pipe, the flap valve panel is automatically closed to prevent the river tide from flowing back into the drainage pipe.

There are many types of cast iron flap valves, such as floating box type, plate type and sleeve type etc. The cast iron flap valve models are divided into hanging, single door/double door, energy-saving etc.

The cast iron flap valve can be designed and produced according to the size and shape of the water outlet.


Flood Control
Municipal Projects
Farm Levees
Sewer Outfalls
Industrial Waste Lines
Water and Sewage Treatment Plants
Tidal Drainage
Irrigation Systems
Pump Discharge Control
And more

cast iron flap valve

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