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Cast Iron Gear Castings


Cast iron material is generally used to manufacture open drive gears.

Gray cast iron has graphite material, which can play a certain role in the work of lubrication and greatly reduce the friction. At the same time, gray cast iron has low cost and good processing performance, so it has been widely used to produce gears.

The gray cast iron gears are often used in some gear system structure with low load capacity, low transmission speed and low impact resistance, but with very compact design. Ductile iron gears can be used for closed drive system.

Ductile iron is an excellent material for manufacturing gears because of its good comprehensive mechanical properties, good technological properties and low price. At present, there are many application examples of ductile cast iron gears used in automobile, tractor, agricultural machinery, machine tool and other industries, such as spiral bevel gear in automobile rear axle, tractor transmission gear, etc.

Cast iron gear has higher requirement for wear resistance, so it needs surface quenching treatment, which is very important to ensure the comprehensive performance of the cast iron gear.


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