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Cast Iron Hydrant Made in China


Hydrant is a fixed fire hydrant equipment. It can control the burnable, to eliminate the ignition point. The material of cast iron hydrant includes grey iron and ductile iron.

Grey iron hydrants

As for a fire hydrant, some structural considerations include internal pressure and vibration effects. The material of hydrant must have higher vibration resistance and wear resistance, so the materials of hydrants are usually grey iron ASTM A48 CLASS 30, or the other metal materials with better mechanical properties than grey iron CLASS 30.

Ductile iron hydrants

Ductile iron hydrants have higher corrosion resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, and it's not easily deformed, so its life time is long, and it is cheaper.

Material requirements of hydrant parts

The materials of hydrant housing are usually ductile iron. It is because the strength and impact resistant capability of ductile iron are higher.

Valve rod
The materials of valve rod are usually cast iron or stainless steel. Their surface hardness and corrosion resistance are very good.

Valve clack
The materials of valve clack are usually cast iron. The price of cast iron is cheap, and cast iron has good ant-vibration property.

Appearance quality of hydrants

Hydrant surface should be smooth, it uses antirust paint, the upper exposed portion should be painted red paint, it should have the uniform color, no cracks, and no visible scratches.

Production Process

In general, sand casting process is fit for the manufacture of hydrants.

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