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Cast Iron Impeller, Pump Casting Factory


Product Name:
Cast Iron Pump Impeller, Pump Vane Wheel, Pump Parts, Pump Casting in China Foundry

Pumps by Material:

Aluminum Pumps
ALUMINUM is a non-ferrous metal, very lightweight, approximately one-third as much as steel. Aluminum exhibits excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance, but can be very reactive with other metals.

Aluminum Cast Iron Fitted

The term used for alloys of copper and zinc in a solid solution is called brass. It is more than 50% copper and from 5 to 20% zinc. Brass comes with good strength. It has excellent high temperature ductility and reasonable cold ductility. Brass has also good conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance. Since it also has good bearing properties and low magnetic permeability, it is a ideal material for construction of pumps.

Bronze Pumps
Bronze is the term used for alloys of copper and tin. Sometimes, bronze is also found with other elements such as phosphorus, manganese, aluminum, or silicon. It is strong and tough, and has wide range of uses in industry. Bronze pumps are commonly specified for use on seawater, hot water and certain chemicals. Sintered bronze is a porous material, which can be impregnated with oil, graphite or PTFE. It is not suitable for heavily loaded applications but is of great use where lubrication is inconvenient.

Cast Iron Pumps
Cast Iron (normally close grained SG irons) are a popular choice for castings for general purpose pumps handling water, solvents and caustic solutions at low temperature. Impellers can be in cast iron or bronze. Cast grey iron is an alloy of iron, carbon and silicon; easily cast; good pressure tightness in the as-cast condition. Gray iron has excellent dampening properties and is easily machined. It is standard material for general purpose pumps. Gray iron has corrosion resistance that is better than steel in certain environments.

Cast Iron Bronze Fitted Pumps
Gray iron has excellent dampening properties and is easily machined. It is standard material for general purpose pump casings. Gray iron has corrosion resistance that is better than steel in certain environments. If the liquid handled is clean water with very little sand or silt, bronze generally offers the most cost effective solution. Bronze does not rust, is easy to cast and machine and generally offer superior surface finish of the waterways leading to efficiency gain.

Plastic Pumps
In plastic pumps all wetted parts are plastic material. Shaft, pedestals and other non-wetted parts may be in metal or other appropriate material. Plastic pumps are designed to move fluids that would corrode or damage other types of pumps. They provide broad chemical resistance and are less costly and lighter in weight than metal pumps. Disadvantages of plastic pumps include limited pressure ratings, reduced impact resistance, and narrower temperature ranges. Some plastic pumps are designed to move abrasive materials, acids, adhesives, chemicals, coolants, hazardous materials, lubricants. Other devices are rated for combustible, corrosive, high viscosity, or high temperature media. Plastic pumps are also used to move gasoline, diesel fuel, and oil; ground water, potable water, salt water, and wastewater; sewage, sludge, slurry and ash slurry; gas and air; powders, solids, and rendering wastes; and a variety of liquids and liquids with solids.

Plastic Fitted Pumps

Stainless Steel 304 Pumps
304 Stainless Steel is the standard "18/8" stainless; it is the most versatile and most widely used stainless steel, available in a wider range of products, forms and finishes than any other. The 304 stainless steel is the grade dominant in the manufacture of drawn stainless parts. It is not suitable for seawater

Stainless Steel 316 Pumps
316 STAINLESS STEEL is an alloy of iron, carbon, nickel, and chromium. A nonmagnetic stainless steel with more ductility than 304 SS. Austenitic in structure, 316 stainless steel has very good corrosion resistance to a wide range of environments, is not susceptible to stress corrosion cracking and is not affected by heat treatment. Suitable for sea water pumping

Stainless Steel 304 Plastic Fitted

Nickel Plated
Nickel plated brass volute and housing; 304 Stainless Steel cover and cam; Buna-N impeller and shaft seal.

Material Grades:
Cast Iron, Gray Cast Iron, Ductile Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, Grey Iron

Gray Cast Iron
ISO185 100 150 200 250 300
ASTM A48 NO.20 NO.25 NO.30 NO.35 NO.40 NO.45
DIN1691 GG10 GG15 GG20 GG25 GG30
EN1561 EN-GJL-100 EN-GJL-150 EN-GJL-200 EN-GJL-250 EN-GJL-300
BS1452 100 150 200 250 300
AS1830 T150 T220 T260 T300

Ductile Cast Iron
ISO1083 400-15 400-18 450-10 500-7 600-3 700-2
ASTM A536 60-40-18 60-42-10 65-45-12 70-50-05 80-55-06 80-60-03 100-70-03
DIN1693 GGG40 GGG50 GGG60 GGG70
EN1563 EN-GJS-400-15 EN-GJS-400-18 EN-GJS-450-10 EN-GJS-500-7 EN-GJS-600-3 EN-GJS-700-2
BS2789 400/17 420/12 500/7 600/7 700/2
AS1831 300-17 400-12 500-7 600-3 700-2

Production Process:
Sand Casting, Automatic Molding, Machine Molding, Shell Molding, Green Sand Casting, Resin Sand Casting,

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Our main products include Gray Iron, Ductile Iron and Cast Steel casting parts for tractors, trucks, agricultural, construction, mining machinery, stove and boilers, pump, valve, tugboat, electrical facilities, cranes, machines, cars, pipe fittings, docks, cooking ware, excavators etc.

Dandong Foundry is also producing various seeding knife points, fertilizer boots, plough tine, press wheel, cast seeding carriers, heavy duty knife points, wing seeder knife points, seeding system attachment, seeding tubes for our our clients in AU.




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