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Cast Iron Manhole Covers Made in Dandong Foundry


Cast iron manholes are widely used in the drainage system. We made these manholes, covers and frames by grey iron (gray iron), which could reduce the costs and be wearable and have good resist deformation. We used the manual green sand casting process for them. Of course, the automatic molding line is also suitable for manholes and covers, but manual green sand process can deal with the small orders. Anyway, it also depends on the choice of the clients.

The following photo is showing a small cast iron manholes. We can also make the large cast iron manholes, whose diameters can reach 2 meters. As for the large manholes and covers, we suggest to use the resin sand casting process, which can keep a good flatness.

This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Cast Iron Manhole Covers Made in Dandong Foundry.





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