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Cast Iron Radiators Advantages


With many different innovations in the field of domestic heating over the past decades, it is interesting to see a return to the well-worn benefits of more traditional systems, chief among which are cast iron radiators. These are modelled on the very first radiators to be mass produced in late Victorian times, although of course these days both the manufacturing process and the technology are fare in advance of anything the Victorians anticipated! So what are the major benefits of a cast iron radiator?

Everyone knows the basics of what radiators are – metal items which are warmed by a heat source and therefore radiate heat into the room. The supreme factor which has kept cast iron radiators on top for decades is their incredible efficiency when it comes to heating a space. The extreme conductivity of iron, combined with the mass of the object itself, means that they heat up quickly and retain their heat longer than comparable heat sources. Long after cast iron radiators have been turned off, a room will be getting the benefit of radiant heat stored in the radiator itself.

The greater mass of cast iron radiators compared to steel or aluminium models also makes their initial heat output greater. This makes them more efficient at heating a room and helps keep bills down too. The radiators also emit heat evenly throughout their bodywork and require little maintenance, apart from the occasional ‘bleeding’ to prevent the build up of air bubbles in the piping. They are one of the few types of radiators that can heat to such a high temperature completely safely – indeed it is this safety and reliability that makes them a firm favourite among house builders.

Despite the heavy materials involved, cast iron radiators are also very flexible, being available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles so they can fit into almost every room. They are capable of customisation and can be fitted with multiple sections to increase control over the level of heating.

These are just the most notable reasons why anyone looking to improve their building’s heating system should seriously consider cast iron radiators. They are efficient and very economical – a must in this era of high energy prices – as well as bringing a touch of early 20th century architectural class to any home. They are available at highly competitive prices too, so it’s well worth getting in touch with an expert radiator provider.






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