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Cast Parts, Aluminum Alloy, Die Casting in China


Specifications: Die casting aluminum
Process: casting & machining &surface treatment

Product No./Name

Aluminum/zinc alloy die casting  




Manufacture Process

1) Mould/Tooling analysis, design & manufacturing

2) Mould/Tooling testing & confirm the sample

3) Die-casting rough parts

4) Precision machining: CNC lathes, milling, drilling, grinding etc

5) Surface treatment: Trimming, polishing, cleaning, passivity & power coating

6) Full Inspection

7) Packing

Product Description

1) Material: Aluminum/zinc

2) Surface Treatment: high quality polish, passivity, powder coating





Company Advantage

1) ODM&OEM with ONE-STOP solution service

2) Small Q'ty with MIXTURE is also available

3) High Precision, New Technology, Very Complex

4) 46 cold / 2 hot chamber die casting machines from 88T to 1250T.

5) 27 product lines of post processing facilities with CNC machining, turning, milling, tapping, drilling, polishing, punching, etc...

6) 3 advanced high & low temperature coating lines.

7) Excellent equipment, Caring term service, Delivery in time, Reasonable price.





Focus Expanded

1) Casting/Injection mould design and manufacture and the maximum size achieve 1.8 meter

2) Machine Size: From 88T to 1250T

3) Material: Aluminum alloy A360, A380, A383, AlSi10Mg, ADC10, ADC12, ZL104, ZL107; Zamak 3, Zamak 4, Zamak 5, Zamak 12 etc.

4) Surface Treatment: High quality polish, powder coating, Chrome/Nickel/Zinc (white, blue, yellow, black)plating, hot galvanized, painting, Anodize, electrophoresis, sandblasting etc...





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