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Cleaning Method of Nodular Casting Surface, Iron Foundry in China


1, nodular casting surface dust

Steel casting production is often in the dust of the ground, in the air with a lot of dust, they constantly fell on the equipment surface. They can use water or alkaline solution to get rid of. However, there is adhesion of grime need high pressure water or steam to clean up.

2, nodular iron casting surface floating iron powder or embedded iron

On any surface, free iron will rust and corrosion caused by stainless steel. Therefore, we must clear. Floating powder can generally be together with the dust remove. Some adhesion is strong, according to the embedded iron processing. In addition to the dust, the surface of iron sources, including many with plain carbon steel wire brushing and used in plain carbon steel, low alloy steel or cast iron pieces of the used sand, glass beads or other abrasive for peening processing, or in the stainless steel parts and equipment to nearby of the above mentioned the stainless steel products for grinding. Next material or hanging over process if no stainless steel take protective measures, steel wire rope, sling and table on the surface of the iron easily embedded or polluted surface.

Order requirements and production inspection can prevent and found that the presence of free iron, ASTM standard A380 [3] stipulated check stainless steel surface iron or steel particle rust test. When demands absolute can't have iron exists, should use this test method. If the result is satisfactory, the application of clean water or nitric acid on the surface for washing, until dark blue disappear completely should be do.

As standard A380 [3] pointed out if rust test solution can't clear all clean, do not recommend in equipment technology surface, that is used to produce human consumer goods direct contact with the surface of the test method.

The simpler test method is in the water exposure 12 ~ 24 hours, check if there is a rusty spot. This test sensitivity is poor, and time-consuming. These are tests, not cleaning method. If you find any iron, there must be introduced behind the chemical and electrochemical method to clean up.

3, nodular casting lines

In order to prevent technology lubricant or product and/or waste product stay, have to scratch and other rough surface mechanical cleaning.

4, nodular casting rusty spot

Before making or production process sometimes see stainless steel product or equipment rust, it shows that surface serious pollution before it was put to use. The equipment must be remove rust, thoroughly cleared surface should be through the iron test and/or water test Inspection.

5, coarse grinding and machining

Grinding and machining can cause surface rough, leave grooves, overlapping and defects such as burr. Each defect may also make metal surface damage to a certain depth, that damaged the metal surface can't through the pickling, electrolytic polishing or peening method clear. Rough surface can be happened corrosion and the birthplace of sedimentary products, heavy preweld cleaning weld defects or remove excess weld strengthen high can use coarse grinding ground. A kind of circumstance, should be to use fine abrasive grinding




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