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Comparison of Nodular Cast Iron and Cast Iron, Cast Steel


Comparison of nodular cast iron and cast iron.

Compared with cast iron, nodular cast iron has the absolute advantage in terms of strength. The tensile strength of ductile cast iron is 60 k, and the tensile strength of cast iron only 31 k. The yield strength of ductile cast iron is 40 k, and cast iron did not show out the yield strength, and eventually break. The strength of the nodular cast iron - cost ratio is much better than cast iron. Nodular cast iron and cast the same in terms of corrosion resistance.

Comparison of nodular cast iron and cast steel.

The strength of the strength of the nodular cast iron and cast steel is comparable. Nodular cast iron has higher yield strength and the minimum yield strength of 40 k, the yield strength of cast steel only 36 in most municipal application fields, such as: water, salt water, steam, etc., corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of ductile iron is more than cast steel. Because of spheroidal graphite cast iron spheroidal graphite microstructure, in less vibration, ductile cast iron is better than that of cast steel, thus more conducive to reducing stress. Choose one important reason of nodular cast iron is nodular cast iron is lower than cast steel cost.

Nodular cast iron of low cost makes the material more popular, the casting is more efficient, less ductile cast iron machining cost. Because of the characteristics of nodular cast iron, making it to the valve materials [the use of lead, in many of the cast steel can't use the occasion of corrosive medium such as water, it can use, and cost is much lower than corrosion resistance of stainless steel.




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