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Crane Ball Made in Dandong Foundry


Crane ball is the balance weight for the heavy-duty cranes. Their material are usually Gray Iron Class20 or called GG20. Their weights are from dozens of kilogram to hundreds of kilogram. They should be made by resin sand molding process in order to reach the good surface quality and strict dimensional requirements.

As for these types of large iron castings, the shrinkage will be the main defects. Therefore, the suitable arrangement for the cold iron will be important. After years of production, Dandong Foundry has found the suitable casting process to avoid the shrinkage.

Our foundry just produced the crane ball castings, the counter weight ball, but not produced the hooks. Our partner in USA assembled the balls and hooks, and in charge of sales works. Therefore, if you only demand the ball castings, then please contact us. If you need the final products, assembled crane balls, please contact us, we can ask our partner in USA to call you directly.

Our partner has sold crane ball weights for many years, and had good reputation in USA.

This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Crane Ball Made in Dandong Foundry.






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