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Customized Cast Iron Bell Housings in China Foundry


Our Dandong Foundry can produce cast iron bell housings as per our customers' requirements.

Bell housings can be made from cast iron and SG iron materials, stainless steel and a range of exotic materials, units specifically designed for the most aggressive of environments.

Cast iron and SG iron bell housings are normally used for applications with special demands, e.g. high weight loads and shocks due to operation, but also for maritime use (salt water) and underground.

Features for cast iron bell housings:

Material: cast iron - higher stiffness than aluminum
Applicable in mining and offshore
Used on servo motor applications
Good noise damping properties
Bell housings available with venting hole and oil bleed on request

cast iron bell housings

This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Customized Cast Iron Bell Housings in China Foundry




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