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Development of Ductile Casting Industry in China


In recent years, construction, automotive, industrial and neighborhood development is very rapid, this also makes the development of ductile casting rapid growth, China is now in a developing country, the industry is in rapid development, but relative to foreign words to compare China's industry still is not very mature, so that the Chinese ductile casting industry must walk the path of development characteristics, the first to support ductile casting industry technology innovation system, is in, the implementation "demand-oriented, the host traction, the key breakthrough, face advance" technical route. Nodular casting technology innovation of course to ductile casting and functional unit of the backbone enterprise as the main body, by reference into the technology to complete innovation, improving the ductile casting varieties of independent development ability, the most main is to improve the domestic medium and high-grade ductile casting of supporting production capacity.

Large ductile casting production and other process different major difference is that adaptability is very wide, need to use of materials and equipment is also very much. Large ductile casting metal melting into accord with certain for liquid and poured into a mold, the cooling solidification, cleaning after treatment for have a reservation shape, size and properties of ductile casting process.

In the large ductile casting production process will have factors ductile casting quality:

1, to formulate the reasonable process procedures, improve the technical level of workers, make the procedure to get the right implementation.

2, in addition to according to the working conditions and metal material performance to determine machine ductile casting geometric shape, the size, the first is a large bed ductile casting design manufacturability. When the design. Have from casting alloy and casting process characteristic point of view to consider the rationality of the design, in order to prevent or reduce copper casting composition segregation, deformation, cracking and other defects occur.

3, casting alloy characteristics and production conditions, according to ductile casting structure, the weight and size. Choose appropriate parting surface and modelling, core making method, setting up reasonable casting steel, cold iron, riser and gating system, etc.

4, will make the ductile casting happen porosity, pore, slag inclusion, defects such as adhering sand, metal charging, disintegration agent and casting sand, sand adhesive, paint, etc of the quality of the material not scale. Affect nodular casting appearance quality and internal quality, serious worsened ductile casting scrap.

All kinds of ductile casting to mechanical use nodular casting the most varieties and the most complicated shape, consumption is the largest also, accounts for about 60% of the total ductile casting. The second is metallurgical of ingot mould and engineering of pipeline. Nodular casting in the mechanical product has a large proportion, such as tractor, large ductile casting weight accounted for about 70% of the weight of the agricultural machinery for forty to 70%, machine tools, such as internal combustion engine has 70 ~ 90%. According to incomplete statistics, the main enterprise supply ductile casting foundry enterprises and households or so. In addition, there are about one 5 of the main body ductile casting production enterprise still keep their casting department.

Bed ductile casting casting is the modern machinery manufacturing industry is one of the basic process. Porosity will also reduce the ductile casting compactness, causing some requirements suffer water pressure test of ductile casting scrap. In addition, the hole to ductile casting corrosion resistance and heat resistance had bad influence. Nodular casting after cooling solidification, cleaning after treatment for have a reservation shape, size and properties of ductile casting process. Casting is the human grasp force early than a metal hot working process, bed ductile casting is metal melting into accord with certain requirements of the liquid and poured into the mold. Has about 6000 years of history. China in about 1700 BC 1000 years has entered the bronze ductile casting heyday, technology has reached a quite high level.





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