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Ductile Cast Iron Compressor Bracket Casting


Product Name:

Ductile Iron Compressor Bracket, S.G. Iron Compressor Console, Auto Parts Casting, Nodular Cast Iron Mounting Brackets

Application on:
A compressor is a device that compresses and cools down the air. It's not a necessary equipment in cars, but car manufacturers install compressors to the cars to get the maximum work done by the engine, resulting in possibility to manufacturing cars with smaller capacity engines and hence increasing fuel economy of the vehicle. Air compressors collects the air that is released in the exhaust stroke of a 4 stroke engine and then the air is cooled down in the compressor. The compressed air is then sent back to the engine which provides the engine with excess air and hence providing more oxygen for combustion. This results in power boost. The exhaust air can't be sent back directly to the engine because cool air is denser than hot air and exhaust air is hot. For combustion, cool air is more suitable as it's denser and contains more molecules of oxygen gas.

Material Grades:
Ductile Cast Iron, Nodular Cast Iron, Spheroidal Graphite Iron, Spherulitic Graphite Cast Iron, SG Iron

ISO1083 400-15 400-18 450-10 500-7 600-3 700-2
ASTM A536 60-40-18 60-42-10 65-45-12 70-50-05 80-55-06 80-60-03 100-70-03
DIN1693 GGG40 GGG50 GGG60 GGG70
EN1563 EN-GJS-400-15 EN-GJS-400-18 EN-GJS-450-10 EN-GJS-500-7 EN-GJS-600-3 EN-GJS-700-2
BS2789 400/17 420/12 500/7 600/7 700/2
AS1831 300-17 400-12 500-7 600-3 700-2

Production Process:
Sand Casting, Automatic Molding, Machine Molding, Shell Molding, Green Sand Casting, Resin Sand Casting,

Ductile Iron Foundry in China, S.G. Iron Casting Manufacturer, Iron Foundry, China Foundry

Dandong Foundry is a professional China Foundry with over 50 years experience in producing Iron Castings, Steel Castings and Machining Works. Our main production materials are gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, carbon steel and alloy steel.

We are ISO 9001 Quality Certified. Annual output 8000 tons of metal castings, and 70% have been exported to USA, UK, Australia, Germany and Italy etc.




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