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Ductile Cast Iron Flange and Flanged Taper


Flanged taper is used as an expansion cone to bridge gaps in pipelines for water and wastewater segments.

Ductile Iron fittings are used in the construction of new pipelines for high strength and impact resistance and are suitable for 'in ground' or 'above ground' applications.

Product Type: Flange Taper
Material: Ductile Iron
Coating: Fusion Coating
Connection Type: Flange x Flange


  • For pipeline construction in both above and below ground water applications
  • High strength and impact resistance

Application :

  • Water treatment supply
  • Sewage treatment disposal
  • Effluent treatment, Water retaining structures, Pump house
  • Fire Fighting

Ductile Cast Iron Flanged Taper - Flange x Flange

This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Ductile Cast Iron Flange and Flanged Taper




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