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Ductile Cast Iron Plow Bracket for Farming Machinery


Our Dandong Foundry can produce grey iron castings, and ductile iron castings for the agricultural machinery equipments. In order to ensure the cast iron parts can be well assembled to the agricultural machines, our foundry have high requirements for the strength, accuracy and surface quality of castings.

Ductile iron plow bracket is one of the agricultural machinery parts produced by our factory. The ductile iron plow bracket is used for seeding machine.

The position shown in the photo below is the pouring position for casting production. This position is the stressed position when used, so no shrinkage or defects are allowed, and no welding repair is allowed either.

If there are casting defects such as insufficient casting and cold shut, the ductile iron plow brackets must be discarded. No shrinkage depression is allowed at any position of the plow bracket castings.

Ductile Cast Iron Plow Bracket for Farming Machinery


This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Ductile Cast Iron Plow Bracket for Farming Machinery



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