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Ductile Cast Iron Plow Point Seeding Machinery Parts


Ductile Iron plow point and tillage point are the seeding machinery parts produced in our Dandong Foundry.

Normally, our foundry use shell mold casting or automatic casting molding line to produce cast iron plow points amd tillage points. The ductile iron plow point described below is cast by shell molding in our foundry.

Because the ductile iron plow point should be assembled on the seeding machine together with other accessories, it is required high dimensional accuracy.

Welding repairing and shrinkage defects are not allowed at any position of the ductile iron plow point. The burrs, sharp edge and the extra materials should be grinded to be flat.

As the photo shown below, the pouring gate must be grinded to be flat, otherwise it will affect the positioning of further machining process.



This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Ductile Cast Iron Plow Point Seeding Machinery Parts



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