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Ductile Cast Iron Pump Housing in China Foundry


Pump housings are typically casted by ductile iron, such as ductile iron QT450-10. However, they can also be manufactured in gray iron.

Molds are created to the customer's specifications and 2D CAD drawings on our floor molding system, and on our semi-automated molding line. After casting, the cast iron components are machined in-house to the requested tolerances.

Ductile iron pump housing cast process:
Shell casting, heat treatment annealing, surface blasting, machining

In process testing/inspection performed:
Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Percent Elongation
BHN Hardness
Pressure Testing

Each cast iron part produced by our Dandong Foundry is fully inspected, utilizing a wide range of testing and inspection techniques. Our quality program includes advanced testing procedures which allow us to maintain compliance with all applicable industry standards, as well as our own stringent quality standards.

ductile cast iron pump housing

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