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Ductile Cast Iron Slag Defect Causes


Ductile cast iron slag defect causes are:

1. Silicon oxide is also a main component of slag, thus reducing silicon content as much as possible.

2. Iron sulfide in the liquid is ductile iron pieces of one of the main reasons for forming slag defects. The low melting point than the melting point of iron sulfide liquid, the liquid iron in solidification process, will precipitate from molten iron sulfide, increases the viscosity of liquid iron, the iron liquid slag or metal oxides in the not easy to rise. Thus high sulfur content in liquid iron, castings are prone to slag. Nodular cast iron original iron liquid sulfur content should be controlled under 0 06%, when it was 0 09% ~ 0 135%, iron slag defects will increase sharply.

3. Magnesium: research in recent years that slag is mainly due to the magnesium, and rare earth elements such as oxidation, therefore should not be too high residual magnesium and rare earth elements.

4. System, gating system design should be reasonable, with functions of slag, can smoothly filling mold, the metal liquid to avoid splash and turbulent flow.

5. Temperature: when pouring temperature is too low, the liquid metal of metal oxides by metal liquid viscosity is too high, not easy to rise to the surface and the liquid metal residue in the; Slag on the surface of the liquid metal temperature is too high, too thin, not easy since the removal of liquid surface, often with the liquid metal flow into the model. And in the production, the pouring temperature is too low is one of the primary causes of slag. In addition, the selection of pouring temperature should also be considered carbon and silicon content of the relationship.

6. If the sand surface adhesion have extra sand or coating, they can be with metal oxide synthesis in the liquid slag, lead to slag; Sand mold with uneven density, compactness and low type of wall surface is liable to be metal erosion and formation of low melting point compounds, resulting in casting slag.

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