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Ductile Casting Performance,

Precision Ductile Iron Castings in China


Precision ductile casting gating system structure is simple. General for 1520°~ 1600 ℃, because the pouring temperature is high, degree of superheat of molten steel, link liquid for a long time, improve liquidity available. But the water temperature is too high, can cause grain bulky, cracking, porosity and defects such as adhering sand. So general small, thin wall and complex shape of nodular casting, the pouring temperature is about steel melting temperature + 150 ℃; Large, thick squash ink casting pouring temperature higher than the melting point of 100 ℃ or so.

Ductile casting performance is better than cast iron difference. Because stainless steel precision ductile casting’s high melting point, precision ductile casting mechanical properties is higher than cast iron. Liquid steel, steel easy oxidation of liquidity is poor, shrinkage, its body shrinkage rate is 1014%, line contraction for 1.82.5 %. To prevent steel happen misrun and cold shut, porosity and shrinkage, crack and adhering sand defects such as, it is necessary to take more than cast iron complex process measures:

1, Because the stainless steel precision castings, ductile cast iron, shrinkage greatly across to prevent nodular casting on the porosity, and shrinkage, the casting process mostly adopts the riser and chill and subsidies and other measures, so as to realize the solidification order.

2, Because the liquid steel poor liquidity, to prevent steel happen cold shut and water shortage, steel casting wall thickness not less than 8 mm including landing boring machine table, floor type boring and milling machine tool table is the most used one of the machine table.

Be born milling machine table, etc can be directly according to the drawings to have something made to order,

1. Landing boring and milling machine table usually have molding drawings. The same specifications of landing boring and milling machine have the same general practice plate. Practice landing boring and milling machine table we have part of the spot, also can according to the customer request according to the drawings to have something made to order, or to make their own custom design. Eliminate iron plate department white organization, improve landing boring and milling machine table,

2. Landing boring table material: for high strength cast iron HT200-300 working face of hardness is HB220-350 after two artificial processing (artificial annealing 600 degrees - 700 degrees and natural aging 2-3 years) on the landing boring and milling machine table, landing milling machine table for the purpose of heat treatment to reduce the stress gradually. Be born milling machine table work situation of the hardness and wear resistance, so that the cast iron platform, cast iron plate accuracy stability, wear-resisting performance is good.

3. Landing boring and milling machine table specifications for: 1120 * 38004000 * 9000 heterosexual specification can be customized according to the drawings.




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