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Ductile Iron Castings, Steel Plate , Ductile Casting Iron Plate for Workbench


As the main development program of China casting industry, the development of ductile casting iron plate is a very impressive their ears, ductile casting iron tablets for casting industry in China's development is necessary, let's do a quick rundown of ductile casting iron tablet related knowledge! Ductile casting iron tablet consists of steel plate and box type two kinds.

Ductile casting iron plate of the overall specifications largest is 4 m x 8 m, ductile cast iron plate on the push table, workpiece is smooth, no hair no hair acerbity feeling, convenient measurement, in order to ensure accurate measurement of ductile casting iron plate heat treatment is very important for flat performance will produce very big effect, so using the casting plate must choose economic meaning of cast iron materials, the methods of aging treatment to eliminate the residual stress of casting slab.

Ductile casting iron plate flatness is refers to the package in the working face plate of the actual working face and the distance of the minimum distance between two parallel plane, its value can be according to the diagonal line method, the loop method of the test results are \"base level transformation is obtained. Ideals ductile casting iron plate on the surface of the plane relative to the actual concrete bearing plays a decisive role. Ideal for different azimuth plane and each point on the surface of the actual distance is different. Machining of micro quality refers to the processed profiles tiny peak valley roughness spacing.

Ductile casting iron plate local error refers to the flat face flatness machining quality. The coarse degree. Microstructure are of good quality, resistance to wear, the service life of the tablet. And face small local distortion is within the scope of processing of uneven and deformation. This working face, a small scale for small tablet is local position, on the tablet is the local area.

Ductile iron castings is lighter, the weight of the tablet and verification tool weight is, when it in different positions, ductile cast iron tablets three pivot load balance changes, resulting in contact deformation between the plate and supporting.

Verification test sites should be considered when the stability of the outside, also should pay attention to check the silent tool quantity, should be increased if necessary auxiliary support to enhance a tablet placed firmly. So inspection personnel walk near the tablet, mobile verification tools on the tablet, a variety of gravity, make splint space position change, and make the measurement result is not reliable.

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