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Ductile Iron Flexible Flange Couplings for Shaft Couplings


A flange coupling is usually applied to a coupling consisting of two different cast irons.

Each flange is mounted at the end of the shaft and is keyed. The face is rotated at right angles to the axis of the shaft. One of the flanges has an approximate part and the other flange has a similar recess.

This helps to align the shaft and maintain alignment. The two flanges are joined together by means of bolts and nuts. Flange couplings are usually adopted for heavy loads.

The following is a flexible flange coupling for shaft coupling, which is produced by ductile cast iron QT450-10, Brinell Hardness BH 160-220. Its weight is 0.40-2.0kg / set.

Quality Control: Spectrum Analyzer, Three-Coordinate Detector, Metallographic Analyzer, Tensile Testing Machine Imported From Germany.

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