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Factors Affect the Quality of Nodular Castings,

Grey Iron Castings and Cast Steel


Along with the time nearly step, China's economy is in the rapid development, promote the Chinese industry, automobile industry development, until as industrial and automotive main mechanical parts casting also in this years rapid development, the development of China's casting technology is not straight is not very mature, but with the micro hole sealing technology unceasing development, create perfect large casting products will become possible, can completely solve the casting crack, micro hole, sand holes, and other sealing problem.

Through the casting defect repair machine in casting repair results of research, to determine a feasible in machine tool castings to repair the new technology and process. Using the casting defect repair machine to repair the defect of casting, casting in the repair process, low temperature, deformation, no crack generation, tinker point metal density, do not produce hard point, without annealing phenomenon, can undertake any mechanical processing.

Casting, casting shrinkage can be according to try the large casting for correction. The same large casting, due to the reason of the structure, the axial and radial or the length, width and height of three direction shrinkage may not agree. For more accurate size requirements of large casting, each direction should give different shrinkage.

Casting after rusting is difficult to handle, and casting profile easy to rust. If you don't pay attention, not only the corrosion ability is bad, adornment sex is bad also. A lot of enterprise in the large machine casting puts forward higher corrosion resistance requirements at the same time, according to the large machine casting different working conditions, the requirement for large machine casting (cast iron, cast steel) cold black, phosphating and other special antirust processing.

Affect nodular castings, grey iron castings, cast steel, cast copper pieces as well as the quality of the casting of the factors are many mainly have the following:

1, metal charging, refractory material, fuel, additive, disintegration agent and casting sand, sand adhesive, paint, etc of the quality of the material not scale, can make the casting happen porosity, pore, slag inclusion, adhering sand casting defects such as, affect the appearance quality and internal quality, serious, makes the casting scrap, from the above seems to be summed up as casting foundry raw material quality.

2, to formulate the reasonable process procedures, improve the technical level of workers, make the procedure to get the right implementation. From the above summary seems casting is a process.

3, design, the influence factors on the quality of the casting machine many. In addition to according to the working conditions and metal material performance to determine machine casting geometric shape, size outside, still must from casting alloy and casting process characteristic point of view to consider the rationality of the design, i.e., the apparent size effect and solidification and shrinkage, stress, in order to prevent or reduce copper casting composition segregation, deformation, cracking and other defects occur. From the above summary seems machine casting to have good design manufacturability.

4, according to the casting structure, the weight and size, casting alloy characteristics and production conditions, choose appropriate parting surface and modelling, core making method, setting up reasonable casting steel, cold iron, riser and gating system, etc. To ensure that you get high quality casting, the above description casting has reasonable casting process.





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