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Farming, Tillage and Seeding Casting Foundry


Dandong Foundry has many years experience to produce cast iron and cast steel parts for the farming, tillage, seeding, agricultural and earthmoving machinery in America and Australia.

Our main clients are producers of agricultural equipment, tools and accessories, so our casting parts will be used on the ground engaging tools and boots systems, including land clearing, tillage and heavy machinery, such as blade ploughs, disc openers, air seeders and baling systems.

Our foundry mainly produce iron and steel casting parts, so we supply rough castings and machined casting parts to our clients. Sometimes, we could do some welding and overlaying works on the tillage products.

We produced them by various casting processes, including automatic molding, machine molding and shell molding process. We exported our casting products by our subsidiary company borui casting for many years to USA and Australia.

Many farming and tillage steel parts were made by steel stamping and fabrication. Our stamping capability is limited, so we are not good at producing these products, however, casting is our competitive products.

The following some product photos are only for your reference, because of confidential consideration, especially considering the plagiarist, we can not show our real casting products.

This article is from our Dandong Foundry's FARMING, TILLAGE AND SEEDING CASTING FOUNDRY.






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