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Forging Ductile Casting, Casting Ductile Casting, Made in China


Nodular casting forging is the use of forging machinery, metal pressure, so as to produce plastic deformation to obtain certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size forging processing method. Through the forging can eliminate metal cast loose, welded hole, forging machinery forging by forming method can be divided into:

(1) Open forging (free forging). Use impact or pressure makes the metal in the upper and lower two to iron (anvil block) to obtain the needed between deformation of forgings, basically have blacksmithing and mechanical forging two.

(2) The closed mode forging. Metal stock in a certain shape of the die interior compression deformation for forging, can be divided into die forging, cold heading, rotary forging, extrusion, etc. According to the deformation temperature forging and can be divided into hot forging (processing temperature higher than the blank metal recrystallization temperature), temperature forging (below the recrystallization temperature) and cold forging (room temperature). Forging materials mainly is the various components of the carbon steel and alloy steel, followed by aluminum, magnesium, titanium, copper and its alloy. Material of the original state has a bar, ingot casting, metal powder and liquid metal, etc. Metal in the deformation of the cross-sectional area before than after deformation die off area called forging ratio. Choose the right forging than to improve product quality and reduce cost have very big concern.

Ductile iron casting is metal melting into accord with certain requirements of the liquid and poured into a mold, the cooling solidification, cleaning after treatment for have a reservation shape, size and properties of casting (parts or blank) process.

The modern machinery manufacturing industry base process: Casting blank production cost, for complicated shape, especially with complicated inner chamber parts, more can show its economy; At the same time it's a wide adaptability, and has good comprehensive mechanical properties. But casting production of required materials (such as metal, wood, fuel, molding material, etc.) and equipment (such as metallurgical furnace, sand machine, molding machine, core making machine, shakeout machine, shot blasting machine, cast iron plate, etc.) is more, and can produce dust, harmful gas and noise and pollution of the environment. Casting is human master earlier a metal hot working process, and has about 6000 years of history. In 3200 BC, Mesopotamia appeared copper frog casting.




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