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Gray cast iron, ductile cast iron


Gray Cast Iron
EN GJL 150 through 300 or ASTM A48 Class 25 through 45

Ductile Cast Iron (Spheroidal Graphite Iron)
EN GJS 400 through 700 or ASTM A536 Grades 60-40-18 through 100-70-03

Cast iron is an iron-carbon-material which combines many features such as vibration damping and long lifecycle as a result of various conditions and graphite formations. The foundry two cast iron types. One is gray cast iron with finely distributed flake graphite and the other one is ductile cast iron with ferrite or perlite structures to ISO standards.

Gray cast iron with its evenly distributed lamellar graphite dampens sound waves and is corrosion-resistant. Gray cast iron is available in different categories (EN-GJL-150 up to 250). The established production processes as well as the material diversity comply with the requirements of modern technology and processing. The areas of application for gray cast iron products extend from heavy components for frames, gearwheels and gearboxes, driving castors and pulleys, engine and cylinder blocks of combustion engines to brake discs, brake cylinders and furnace components, as well as pipes, fittings and other parts with rotational symmetry.

A special treatment with magnesium causes the globular shape of the graphite within the casting. The so-called spheroidal or ductile cast iron has material features similar to steel including tensile strength and elongation. An significant advantage is given during dynamic strain when deformations would cause a breakdown or a failure of the unit. In addition to the areas of application for gray cast iron, ductile cast iron is also used for punch tools, bodies, engine and drive components, turbocharger bodies, diffusers, for plant and engine construction, for pipes, pipelines, fittings and valves such as gate and butterfly valves, hydrants etc.





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